Google Chrome Not Secure Warnings
Coming October 2017

By September 16, 2017hosting

In August 2017 76.9% of web users were using Google Chrome to browse the web, so when Google announces big changes to Chrome it’s important to take note. On the 30th of October Google is expected to release Chrome version 62 and with it will come a big change in how it treats websites that don’t have SSL security installed.


Does this affect me?

If you are collecting any data from your website whether it be via a contact or enquiry form and you don’t have SSL security installed then your website visitors will get a warning message in their address bar that looks like this:

Do I already have an SLL certificate?

If you already have an SSL certificate installed then in your address bar you’ll see a green ‘Secure’ status along with a green padlock symbol, like this:

How Can I Fix It?

You need to purchase and install an SSL security certificate for your website and route all of your traffic from HTTP to HTTPS. To help our hosting customers with the switch to SSL security we are currently offering FREE setup, installation & testing of SSL Certificates.

How Much Does An SSL Certificate Cost?

Our basic SSL certificates cost £79.99 / year for our domain customers (£119.99 for non domain customers). Normally setup, installation & testing takes 2-3 hours and is charged in addition to the SSL Certificate fee, however as previously mentioned, for a limited time, we’re currently doing this setup work free of charge.


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